The Eudaimonic Society is committed to the collaboration of people who work psychoanalytically free of charge.

We take care of the dissemination of psychoanalysis and in particular the psychoanalytic dream interpretation as a general culture technique.

Therefor we invite for regular meetings of dedicated independent analysts and analysands and strive for publicity.

Everybody who works analytically free of charge is invited to contribute.

About the necessity of non-paid psychoanalysis


Money is a belief system, which serves the preservation of power. It is a decisive structural element of the hierarchy-based society and the preferential tool to fulfil the narcistic substitute needs. These needs are a substitute for the naturally evoluted human drives, which by these means get suppressed.


The systemic power structures are internalized, and the individual becomes the oppressor of his own nature. Impulses are scanned fo their economic viability; drive energy is forced under the dictates of consumption and thus seperated from its inherent life-serving pleasureful sense.


The purpose of psychoanalysis is, however, to make the person aware of this alienation from their nature and to support the overcoming of the internalized self-oppression. By this, the misdirected drive energy can be regained and serve its natural purpose again: life. This cannot be achieve, if we operate within the same system which helped to create the misdirection in the first place.


To listen to nature and to do its work is incompatible with the fundamental badness of money.